Pump Sets

Having pump sets in your building is extremely important. they not only provide adequate protection in an emergency situation but also protects the occupants of the building from loss of life should a fire emergency occur.

At Secure Fire Protection, our fully qualified and certified team will assess the overall condition of the fire pump to verify that it remains in good operating condition.

Importance of Testing Fire Pump Sets

The purpose of a fire pump is to provide or enhance the water supply pressure from tanks and other bodies of water. As a building owner or facilities manager, it is essential to hire a professional and qualified team to test your fire pump and make sure it will work as expected in the event of a fire.

Failure to testing and maintaining a fire pump will not only minimize its useful life but also increases the chance of equipment failure.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection For Testing Pump Sets?

Secure Fire Protection provides high-quality fire safety pump sets designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We provide a full design, installation and maintenance service, using best in class pumps backed by fully trained and expert technicians with over 25 years of experience.

Trusted by many customers and covering a wide range of industry sectors, Secure Fire Protection is the ‘go to’ company for high-quality fire pump sets.

Whether it be a residential home or commercial premises, we supply fire pump sets that are not only of high quality but also sustainable. Our fire protection systems together with our exceptional level of service provide complete peace of mind.

Contact Secure Fire Protection for Maintenance and Testing of Pump Sets!

If you have questions about fire pumps or need assistance then, contact Secure Fire Protection at 1300 821 911 or through our contact us form today.

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