Smoke Protection And Passive Fire Systems

Let’s say you are having an emergency except you didn’t even know it was happening. Your fire detector is low on battery and making no sounds, causing you to remain unaware that your kitchen is burning. The sprinklers isn’t turning causing the flames to rage in numbers. You find yourself in a state of panic, unable to work the emergency exit doors because you haven’t gotten year bi-annual inspectio.

You wouldn’t want the building to end up in flames with your safety at risk. That’s why it’s important to do fire alarm system checks regularly for your property. Here’s where we come in!

Safety is highly important when it comes to being indoors. Whether you are at home, school, work, or any other indoor building, smoke alarm maintenance is designed to ensure you have the right tools fit for maximum security. There’s no point in having a passive fire system that isn’t up to speed. With our help, we can always make sure that your fire detector will be taken care of. Our team of highly qualified technicians is here to provide our clients with the best advice and map out a plan in order to ensure effective fire alarm system checks throughout the year ahead.

At Secure Fire Protection, we are paving the way as Australia’s leading company in the building security industry. We offer design, induction, and fire alarm maintenance services, keeping all our clients safe and satisfied. We take out the stress, bring you functioning and effective signals and exit strategies in the case of an emergency.

Holding more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we have a loyal client base due to our many successes. Following Australian Standards, we promise that your premises are compliant with government regulations. We provide services to a range of sites including educational facilities, factories, fitness facilities, government areas, hotels, shops, and other residential and commercial buildings. With our affordable, efficient, and high-quality service, you can see why we are the go-to choice.

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Smoke Protection and Passive Fire Systems in your building will usually require professional inspection and upkeeping to ensure they continue to perform and operate effectively in the event of an emergency. These are a Building Code of Australia & legislation requirements in almost all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Emergency Exit Doors are essential because they help in preventing the spread of flames while allowing the occupants to escape. It is therefore as part of the risk assessment that these doors must be regularly checked and inspected. These are important components of ensuring maximum security, and they help in preventing spreading flames or slowing the spread providing more time to the building occupants to evacuate. Examples of repairs and fire alarm maintenance include emergency lighting renewal, door restoration, pump overhauls, sprinkler pipe rectifications, fire detector repair, replacement, cabling, and programming.

Our company provides comprehensive inspection and reporting of all your emergency exit doors to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure your property and occupants are protected. With our help, our highly skilled and certified technicians thoroughly analyse your smoke protection and passive fire systems for any defects and code violations. Our trained and certified technicians on our team will make sure that emergency exit doors are operational and perform at their best capacity. Our professional and experienced staff members carries out thorough inspections of Emergency Exit Doors in your building and prepare a detailed survey and report on the working condition and compliance of the doors on your premises.

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At Secure Fire Protection, we are committed to providing effective design, installation, and upkeeping services for your buildings. In addition to our fire alarm maintenance, we also can assist you in pump set and sprinkler testing, annual and bi-annual inspections, and certifications, giving you an all-around experience. We are available 24-7, 365 days of the year to keep your shelter safe ad secure all year round. Our business covers all bases with locations spread across Sydney from Eastern, Northern, Southern, Western suburbs, and even Outer Sydney.

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