Jacking Pump Sets

Jacking pump sets really are the beating heart of the system. They boost the water pressure and maintain the right water flow in the event of emergency. Jacking pump sets must comply with AS2941 standards.

At Secure Fire Protection, we keep jacking pump sets in good working condition and ensure the system is ready to act if the worst happens.

Why Is It Necessary To Test Jacking Pump Sets?

Monthly tests for jacking pump sets ensure their reliability in accordance to the AS2941 Australian fire safety regulations. There are many components such as pressure gauge and system suction, pump casing and bearings that require regular checks.

Neglecting jacking pump sets will not only reduce their life span but also increases the chance of equipment failure.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection For Testing of Jacking Pump Sets?

Secure Fire Protection provides high quality jacking pump sets that boost the water pressure and maintain the right water flow in the event of emergency. All of these jacking pump sets fully comply with relevant building codes and regulations.

Professional Installations and Testing Services

Are you concerned about the specifications of jacking pump sets? Our wide selection of industry-leading electrically driven jacking pump sets are all made to the highest fire industry standards. The installation of jacking pump sets is carried out by our highly experienced and fully certified technicians.

Our fully equipped team is available to solve all your jacking pump sets testing and maintenance requirements. Whether it is for an urgent onsite call or service, our competent service team is dedicated to providing economical maintenance services.

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