Interfacing of Systems

It is a requirement as per the relevant Australian Standards to conduct annual interface testing to ensure that the system is in optimal working condition and can help in preventing any mishaps in the event of an emergency. Systems Interface Testing is carried out to prove and verify that the interface of the fire systems perform in accordance with the Australian Standard 1851 Appendix D. Systems Interface Testing is conducted annually to ensure that the system will work in its optimum condition in the event of a fire emergency.

The professional and experienced team at Secure Fire Protection carries out interface testing to ensure their reliability and performance. Our interface testing program is designed to meet the specific needs of each facility in compliance with all standard regulations. Secure Fire Protection was established with an aim to provide high quality fire protection products and services throughout Australia. Our highly skilled and certified technicians work closely with clients to conduct end-to-end test of the system interfaces and ensure that your fire protection equipment will operate properly when you need it most.

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