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,p>Secure Fire Protection is a leading fire safety solutions provider in Australia. As part of our services, we can supply and set up an impressive range of intuitive and effective protective systems to all different types of buildings, old and new. We understand there are many institutions offering comprehensive services & set up packages for certain protective measures from fire alarm installations or a building-wide fire sprinkler installation.

While they may have all the right words to say, the sad case is that many of them don’t have the follow-through or the necessary experience to facilitate a suitable and compliant result.

This is where our difference comes in, our field engineers, technicians, and electrical staff are licensed and trained to provide efficient protection systems.

In addition to our inspection and accredited services, we are able to implement and assist with:

Suppression & Emergency Systems

Secure Fire Protection understands the necessity of reliable and efficient suppression and emergency implementations for any building of any size. They are often the first and last line of defence against dangerous situations.

Our team of qualified engineers and experts can outfit and inspect any suppression system you have currently and even implement a range of failsafe options to better protect your building.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our team are able to provide premier fire sprinkler installation to your commercial or residential premises. In terms of automated suppression, you cannot go past these trusted and efficient systems as a means of reducing the risk of great damage and danger. Many people misunderstand the complexities involved with implementing these systems as most people only notice the nozzles above their heads and little else.

These systems fall under 3 typical sub-categories: wet-pipe, dry-pipe, and deluge. Each building will have compatibilities and necessities that are subjectively dependent, our accredited experts will be able to examine and inspect the space and recommend accordingly.

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Fire Extinguisher Installation / Fire Hose Reel Installation

Suppression systems go beyond the automated detection and for certain code-specified buildings, the need for manual systems is still a requirement. We are happy to offer our experience in the implementation and subsequent inspection services for your building. Whether it be material specific fire extinguisher installations and training, or a fire hose reel installation, inspection, and endorsement – we have you covered.

As checks of these systems is typically required every 3-6 months, it pays to have someone you can trust and rely on to ensure everything is operational and compliant. Manual extinguishing systems are essential for areas of a building where automated systems are unable to effectively take care of emergent situations.

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Alert & Passive Systems

Detection and alerting systems are a requirement in most residential and commercial buildings. They’re often the first line of defence for those who are inside the building to be aware of prescient dangers and situations that require immediate attention or evacuation.

The team at Secure Fire Protection will provide the implementation and subsequent instruction on the warning and alert systems – our partner suppliers are accredited and effective.

Fire Alarm Installation / Smoke Detector Installation

Having code-compliant protective measures in place should always be a top priority, we specialise in understanding the nuances of regulation and endeavour to offer solutions that fir your budget and building code. As such, we are happy to offer fire alarm and smoke detector installations that are studiously effective and detect early signs of inherent danger.

Following through on code specific requirements and standards is why we’re the most sought-after service in the community and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding our various systems and offerings.

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Ingress & Control Systems

When we talk about compliance, there is more that is necessary than meets the eye points of ingress and means of controlling and understanding current situations within a building. Under several regulations, there is a need to have endorsed inspections and approvals for a variety of protective measures before buildings are considered compliant.

We offer implementation and accredited inspection services for these systems that ensure you are never left with compliance issues down the line.

Fire Door Installation

There are a number of doorway requirements in terms of protection and compliance. Choosing us for your fire door installation and planning will alleviate any stresses you may have about regulatory requirements. We ensure compliance from the materials used to the vital seals required to maintain safety – these elements must be able to withstand the appropriate heat and smoke exposure required for evacuation measures to be applicable.

We’ll come to your building and measure out the spaces, advise on suitable placement, and implement. We are also accredited inspectors who can return and sign off on bi-annual or annual inspections as required.

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Fire Panel Installation

The crux of any comprehensive protection system is the indicator. These implementations are essential for emergency services to know where to go in the case of emergency, as well as being the central point of understanding for detection and subsequent alerting.

We conduct addressable and conventional fire panel installations for your residential or commercial building. This includes the connection between the various protective systems with the implementation along with subsequent testing, inspections, and instruction.

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Why Us?

The team at Secure Fire Protection are the most sought-after professionals for implementation and inspection of protective systems. We achieve this by taking a consultative approach for each project to understand client's requirements to provide cost effective solutions.

Whether it’s a brand-new fire sprinkler installation, or a follow-up inspection of a fire door installation – you can rest easy in knowing that our implementations are certified, compliant, and of utmost quality.

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