Hydrant & Sprinkler Flow Test

Properly maintained and functioning hydrants and sprinkler systems are an integral part of an overall fire safety plan. Testing and maintenance of hydrants is required 6 monthly and annually and sprinkler systems are required, by regulation, every month and an annual test.

The Expert team at Secure Fire Protection will work hand in hand with you and design a testing and maintenance program that will meet building codes and regulations.

Importance of Hydrants and Sprinkler Tests

The Testing and maintenance of Hydrants and Sprinkler is essential. Not only it is a standard fire safety requirement but Hydrants and Sprinklers play a crucial role in eliminating the risk of life and property damage.

Our Experienced technicians carry out flow tests to measure the flow of water flowing out of a Fire Hydrant or Sprinkler Valve. Every month a test should be conducted to ensure that the system will operate in an optimum condition when needed.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection For Hydrants and Sprinkler Tests?
Our fully trained and certified team’s combined 25 years of industry experience allows us to offer cost-effective preventative maintenance of hydrants and sprinkler systems.

With our hydrants and sprinkler systems testing and maintenance services, you can be confident that your systems are in compliant with industry regulations and are always ready to protect the building and occupants in emergency situations.

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