Hydrant Pump Set

Sprinkler & Hydrant Pump Sets requires inspection and testing at installation and then monthly thereafter, ensuring their reliability in accordance to the relevant fire safety regulations so that Sprinkler & Hydrant Pump Sets can be utilized in a fire emergency.

The professional team at Secure Fire Protection can test and maintain hydrant pumps monthly in line with AS1851 – 2012 Australian safety standards.

Importance of Testing Hydrant Pumps

Monthly testing and maintenance of hydrant pumps is extremely important to keep occupants and property safe from harm in the event of an emergency. Neglecting hydrant pumps can be risky and expensive.

The service and maintenance of hydrant pumps should be in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1851. Monthly maintenance ensures that hydrant pumps will work effectively when you need them.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection For Hydrants Pumps Test?

Whether your existing sprinkler & hydrant pump sets are new or old, Secure Fire Protection will conduct a comprehensive assessment of sprinkler & hydrant pump sets and provide you with recommendations regarding systems and component upgrades that are tailored to suit AS1851 – 2012 Australian safety standards.

Secure Fire Protection have trained and qualified staff available for work to meet with any fire emergency that may be required. We customize our service to suit your needs, undertake site specific inspections, ensuring the ongoing reliability of the systems.

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