Fire & Warden Training

Secure Fire Protection has been providing fire and warden training since 2008 delivered by highly experienced and qualified experts. Our training programs are designed to prepare staff and occupants for different types of emergencies that may occur to equip them with the knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively.

Through practical training experiences, participants are educated on how to respond in the case of an emergency, how to properly use fire protection equipment (such as fire extinguishers) and the effective ways to combat an emergency. As a leading fire protection company in Australia, you can be assured of a great learning experience with our fire and warden training program.

Learning Outcomes of Fire and Warden Training:

  • Overview of fire hazards in the workplace
  • Basic fire procedures and necessary actions to be taken
  • Fire control measures
  • Proper use of fire extinguishers and fire protection systems
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Fire and warden training programs are customized to the specific requirements of the building to ensure there is full compliance with Australian standards as well as legislation requirements.

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