Fire Suppression Systems

Many lives and assets can be saved by effective fire suppression systems. So if your building doesn’t have one, it probably should.

At Secure Fire Protection, we specialize in a broad range of fire suppression system and maintenance services. From installations to annual inspections and emergency services, we have got you covered. No matter how complex a project may be, we undertake design and installation of most major brands of fire suppression systems in commercial environments with the relevant building codes and safety standards of Australia (section 2 AS 1851-2012).

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

Commercial kitchens are a highly specialized fire risk environment, so it’s vital to protect property and people. At Secure Fire Protection, we are experts in providing appropriate and effective fire suppression hood systems. Our kitchen hood suppression system installation and maintenance is carried out by fully trained and certified staff in accordance with fire safety standards.

Key elements of a Kitchen Hood Suppression System inspection and certification include:

  • Inspect the system whether it has been tampered with or leaked
  • Inspect the cylinder condition and check all the nozzles
  • Inspect and test the pull station
  • Inspect the gas valve operation and gas valve shutoff function.
  • Inspect the area that might affect performance of fire suppression system

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Secure Fire Protection offers a broad range of clean agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazardous situations in commercial and industrial applications. When it comes to complete fire protection, our FM-200 fire suppression systems or Halon fire suppression systems can assist with quicker cleanup, keeping downtime to a minimum, and reduce interruptions to business operations.

  • FM-200 fire suppression systems:

The FM-200 fire suppression system is one of the best clean agent fire suppression systems. One of the main advantages of this system is that it can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, which allows the FM-200 to suppress electrical and flammable liquid fires.

With our FM-200 fire suppression system you can conduct your business with minimal stress.

  • Halon Fire Suppression Systems

Halon Fire Suppression Systems are installed widely throughout the building industry sector to protect facilities such as

  • computer rooms and data centers,
  • switch rooms and motor control centers,
  • Process equipment, and other business critical assets and systems.

With our clean agent fire suppression systems testing and maintenance services, you can be confident that your systems are in compliance with industry regulations and are always ready to protect the building and occupants in emergency situations.

Auto & Industrial Vehicle Suppression

Public transportation vehicles can pose a significant fire risk. An accident or even a faulty part can result in a serious emergency.

Secure Fire Protection offers an extensive range of specialist auto & industrial vehicle fire suppression systems to reduce the fire risk for vehicles and electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment.

Not only is it a standard fire safety requirement but auto & industrial vehicle fire suppression systems also play a crucial role in eliminating the risk to life and vehicle damage. Our trained and certified staff will work with you to tailor a fire suppression system to your specific vehicle requirements. All our testing and maintenance programs are designed to meet the specific needs of vehicles in compliance with Australian standard and regulations.

CO2 Suppression Systems

Flammable materials and vapours pose a significant risk of fire in the commercial and industrial environment. CO2 is an economical fire suppression solution for protecting numerous business applications.

Secure Fire Protection ensures your facilities meet all the building code and fire regulations. All of our team have been highly trained and are fully experienced and all of our CO2 Suppression Systems are designed to provide complete fire protection for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Our CO2 Systems are designed specifically for the hazardous situation, assuring immediate detection and rapid suppression.

We provide stringent testing and maintenance to ensure CO2 Suppression Systems will work when needed. Secure Fire Protection will arrange to undertake the necessary inspections/maintenance every 6 months and take necessary action to keep CO2 Suppression Systems functional.

Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam fire suppression systems are highly effective in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Secure Fire Protection is certified and has extensive design, installation and maintenance experience in foam fire suppression systems.

Whether it be an industrial or commercial premises, we provide a high quality foam fire suppression system that protects business assets without harming the environment. The expert team at Secure Fire Protection will analyze your facility and then design a system configuration to effectively combat fire, help you consider the options and decide upon the most suitable class A or class B foam fire suppression systems for your needs.

We can also provide regular inspection, testing and maintenance of foam fire suppression systems. All of our tests are accompanied by a detailed report on the status of foam fire suppression systems. Our professional and experienced team is highly trained and works carefully to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Marine Fire Suppression

Marine fire suppression systems are highly flame-resistant that can be used to protect people and boats in the event of fire. Like any other fire suppression systems, marine fire suppression systems also need to be regularly inspected to ensure they remain functional.

Secure Fire Protection offers high quality marine fire suppression systems that often help to prevent disasters or fatalities from occurring. Our marine fire suppression systems provides protection to vessels of all sizes. From tug boats to cargo ships, Secure Fire Protection has all your fire safety needs covered.

At Secure Fire Protection, we are focused on providing the most effective installation and maintenance of marine fire suppression systems. Our highly experienced and fully certified technicians will provide the most effective services available.