Fire Panel Installation & Maintenance

Recognising the signs of burning is crucial for saving people's lives and keeping the business from costing themselves thousands of dollars in damages. Fire safety is essential for all businesses and residences as it helps prevent further risk before the flame catches on. One of the most important ways this can occur is to install a fire panel in your building to keep your staff or residents safe and secure at all times.

Fire panel testing is required every month to ascertain that the detection and early warning systems are functional. A fire panel is designed for easy and intuitive operation while offering comprehensive control features. With their intuitive features and remote access capabilities, they make controlling the risks as easy as they can be.

We offer certified fire panel testing services to help you meet compliance standards. We provide comprehensive maintenance services for early detection systems incorporating high-quality products. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to get the job done without compromising on quality.

At Secure Fire Protection, fire panel tests are carried out by fully trained and certified staff in accordance with the safety standards. Our experts record all the findings in a logbook which can be accessed for timely maintenance. We ensure minimal disruption to your business or building during the fire panel maintenance and evaluation process.

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