Fire Doors

Fire doors are a legal requirement in almost all residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Fire doors are essential because they help in preventing the spread of fire while allowing the occupants to escape. It is therefore as part of the fire risk assessment that fire doors must be regularly checked and inspected at certain intervals.

Secure Fire Protection provides comprehensive inspection and reporting of all of your fire exit doors to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure your property and occupants are protected.

Importance of Testing Fire Doors
Buildings should have fire doors installed in order to protect both the occupants and the property. The fire door can only be effective if it is tested and maintained every 6 months. The advantage of a fully functional fire door is that it helps occupants to evacuate the building in a quick and safe manner.

Our fully-trained and certified technicians at Secure Fire Protection will make sure that fire doors are operational and perform at their best capacity.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection?
Secure Fire Protection is a team of highly experienced professionals in the fire safety industry offering high quality services for all your fire related needs.

Our professional and experienced team carries out a full and thorough inspection of every fire door assembly in your building, and prepare a detailed survey and report on the working condition and compliance of the fire doors on your premises.

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