Fire Safety Doors

Fire safety doors are a legal requirement in almost all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Fire rated doors are essential because they help in preventing the spread of blazes and excessive smoke while allowing the occupants to escape.

It is therefore as part of a variety of risk assessment regulations that Fire Rated Doors must be regularly checked and inspected and compliant in accordance with the relevant legislations.

Secure Fire Protection provides comprehensive inspection and reporting of all your fire safety doors to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure your property and occupants are protected. Our trained and certified technicians at Secure Fire Protection will make sure that all your protective measures are operational and perform at their best capacity.

Australian Fire Door Standards

Protective measures are typically governed by stringent Australian codes and practices by relevant governing bodies. In the case of fire door standards, the relevant legislation and code requirements reside in the BCA’s (Building Code of Australia) ordinances AS1428.1:2021, AS1851-2012, as well as AS1905.1:2015.

Essentially these refer to the material requirements, the FRL rating, and the proper conduct and criteria for compliant inspection and approval of protective measures relating to fire door standards.

When considering regulations between internal and external variants, the simple way to associate correctly is to remember that an internal fire safety door intends to split the building into compartments and sections in the event of a blaze or smoke emergency. Potentially providing escape routes depending on the FRL (Fire Resistance Level) rating.

The external variant resides at the end of the escape route and does not have the same level of protective requirements as the internal counterparts. They do require some compliance with regulation in relation to appropriate signage, opening methods and being kept clear at all times.

We understand the nuances of these regulations and endeavour to always carry out inspections with these foundational considerations in mind.

Requirements & Components Of Residential/Commercial Fire Doors

Usually, the type will depend wildly on building to building, and there are slight differences between commercial fire doors and other variants.


Resistant framing must be implemented to be considered up-to-code. As their primary function is to keep heat and smoke exposure to a minimum, there are stringent requirements on the allowable gaps which should not exceed 3mm between the frame and fire safety door.

Hinges & Seals

Resistant hinges should also be implemented (stainless steel or zinc is usually standard) to ensure that extreme heat does not impact efficacy. Seals should also be heat-sensitive to be properly useful in emergent situations. Typically, intumescent seals are used as they tend to swell when warmed which can assist in sealing doorways in the event of smoke and heat.

Closing Mechanism & Locks

In the context of certification and compliance, the closing mechanism and locks being utilised have a few caveats in order to be compliant and up-to-code. For instance, they should close of their own volition and firmly from a half-open position without sticking. There should also be no way to lock them from the outside to ensure a clear pathway is available in the event of an emergency.


Appropriate signage should be in place in accordance with NSW requirements. These requirements range depending on the type of building they are residing in. However, some general guidelines stipulate that signage should be easily readable, be present on both sides, be placed at eye level and be easily visible, and be permanently attached.

Inspection Frequency Requirements

BCA and Local Council Legislation will vary from place to place, however a general rule of thumb for comprehensive inspections by a licensed and accredited professional is:

-Common Property Varieties – 6 Months

-Sole Occupancy Unit Variants – 12 Months

Our Expert Services

Our professional and experienced team carry out thorough inspections of Fire Rated Doors in your building and prepare a detailed survey and report on the working condition and compliance of all relevant protective measures on your premises.

We’re fully accredited and have an extensive array of conveniences we can offer our clients from inspections to fire door installation in Sydney. So, not only can we install fire doors and other protective measures, but also carry out accredited AFSS inspections at your request.

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