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Secure Fire Protection provides designs, installations, and maintenance through all aspects of fire protection, accompanied with complete end-to end service guaranteed to ensure compliance. Several highly skilled and certified Secure Fire technicians work closely with clients to understand their fire safety goals, identify potential risks, and offer options to deliver the most appropriate fire safety design for commercial, residential, and industrial sites.

By working in accordance with established systems for quality management, Secure Fire Protection uses a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application to provide an advanced fire prevention, suppression and protection service with products adhering to the highest standards.

Secure Fire Protection’s services cater for a range of buildings including residential units, hotels, function-centres, government sites and fitness centres to provide a solution to protect premises of any size or complexity. Through the extensive experience from preventive and active fire protection work, Secure Fire Staff can determine the right solution while considering the levels of protection, cost, and appropriate risk.

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