Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets are highly flame-resistant blankets that can be used to protect people in the event of fire. Like any other fire safety equipment, fire blankets also need to be regularly inspected to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

At Secure Fire Protection, we are focused on providing the most effective fire blanket maintenance for your properties throughout Australia.

How often do I need Fire Blanket?
Fire Blanket Inspections should be carried out every 6 months to ensure your fire blankets are viable in an emergency. Professional and qualified technicians will ensure your fire blanket is serviced and maintained in accordance with Australian Standards 2444 and ready for immediate use when needed.

The expert team at Secure Fire Protection carries out fire blanket testing according to the latest Australian safety standards.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection?
Secure Fire Protection offer a comprehensive range of fire safety testing services that often helps to prevent disasters or fatalities from occurring. We are involved in regular inspection, testing and maintenance of fire blankets and fire hose reels.

Our professional and experienced team is highly trained and works carefully to ensure all of your devices are in working order. All of our tests are accompanied by a detailed report on the status of fire blankets and fire hose reels. Take advantage of our every 6 monthly testing and maintenance services.

Contact Secure Fire Protection for Installation, Maintenance and Testing of Fire Blankets!
To ensure optimal fire protection for your premises, call Secure Fire Protection on 1300 821 911 to install, test, and maintain your fire safety and detection system. We will put our 25+ years of experience to good use making your building fire safety compliant.