The early detection and warning of danger is, without question, the most important of all fire safety measures. During an evacuation notification and communication are critical to saving the lives of the buildings occupants.

At Secure Fire Protection, we are dedicated to quality, safety, professionalism and integrity. We provide high quality testing and maintenance for portable fire equipment and large-scale fire suppression products.

What is EWIS?
EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System) is a complex system designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. To ensure their reliability, EWIS needs to be tested monthly, half-yearly and annually in accordance with the relevant fire safety regulations.
The maintenance of EWIS (Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems) is generally carried out according to Australian AS1851 standards.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection?

Secure Fire Protection is an expert provider of residential commercial and industrial fire protection design, installation, and maintenance and certification services. We offer an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services that are compliant with fire safety regulations.

Our highly experienced and fully certified technicians are trained to test, service and maintain EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System) to help ensure it fully complies with AS1851 maintenance procedures.

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