Emergency Lightings

Secure Fire Protection offers installation and service of emergency evacuation lighting systems. Emergency and Exit Lighting are extremely important in that they ensure during an emergency, people can find their way to the nearest exit.

We provide a regular inspection and testing services at six and twelve-monthly intervals ensuring the ongoing reliability of emergency and exit lighting.

Importance of Testing Emergency and Exit Lighting
Emergency lighting and exit signage are extremely important for emergency situations that require an easy and safe evacuation from a building. Emergency lighting enables building occupants to see clearly and move safely to the nearest exit in the event of fire.

Our professional and qualified technicians at Secure Fire Protection will ensure your Emergency lighting and exit signage is serviced and maintained in accordance with Australian Standards 2293 and ready for immediate use when needed.

Why Choose Secure Fire Protection?
Secure Fire Protection offer a comprehensive range of fire safety testing services that often helps to prevent disasters or fatalities from occurring. We are involved in regular inspection, testing and maintenance of Emergency and Exit Lighting.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians at Secure Fire Protection carries out inspection of emergency escape lighting systems to make sure that the means of escape can be effectively identified and safely used by occupants of the building.

Get In Touch With Secure Fire Protection To Schedule Your Emergency and Exit Lighting Testing!
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