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Secure Fire Protection is accredited through the Fire Safety Assessors program with the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) and have been deemed competent to assess and conduct annual fire safety inspections in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Reg.).


Secure Fire Protection has unrestricted accreditations, allowing us to sign off on all assets on site for annual fire safety statements. Our team of qualified practitioners are professionals within their field, always adapting to relevant amendments to the ever-changing Australian standard regulations surrounding regulation and compliance.


We work with the consideration of consistent and unabashed service for our community. We keep buildings safe and compliant.

What Is Required to Attain An Annual Fire Safety Certificate In NSW?

An AFSS certification is an official document that states the necessary fire protection measures in any given building have been inspected, tested, and verified in their capacity to perform as intended.


While an official fire safety statement verification process will surely include adequate testing and examination, it is not enough to secure a satisfactory verification. In 2020 there was a furthering of the EP&A Regulation to include specified and accredited endorsements be presented for each of the protective measures in order for the AFSS certification to remain compliant (more below).


As any property owner or building manager will attest – these compliance requirements can sometimes be cumbersome and exceedingly thorough to maintain. This is particularly apparent when there are so many inferior and inexperienced contractors out there that take up more time and money than they are worth.


Secure Fire Protection maintains a dedication to simplicity, compliance, and convenience for our clients. We don’t believe in wasted time and have always assured prompt and efficient service with our annual fire safety inspections.</>

Adjustments Made To EP&A Regulation - AS1851-2012

As mentioned above, there was a slight adjustment made in July 2020 regarding compliance and EP&A Regulations for AFSS certification. The caveat is essentially the requirement of an Accredited Practitioner of Fire Safety (APFS) to be engaged with and sign-off (endorse) each protective measure present in a property.


So, not only does your annual fire safety inspection involve the usual testing and examination processes of the various measures and systems currently in place. An APFS must also attend and audit these results and verify all measures are performing to code. The APFS must also have the relevant accreditation for the endorsement to be valid.


The Fire Protection Association of Australia has an APFS search function available here. Through this portal you can see the current certifications and accreditations our team currently hold. Simply enter “Secure Fire Protection” into the Company Search function to see our current experts and their relevant coverage.

Is An AFSS Certification Necessary?

Keeping tenants and occupants of buildings safe and secure should always be a top priority for STRATA Organisations and Building Managers/Owners. Ensuring that protective measures are in place and that all relevant failsafe and warning systems are optimally working to their specified need will give dwellers an added sense of security and assurance.


The New South Wales EP&A Regulations have a requirement for all building owners to submit an annual fire safety statement. Failure to present an accredited document to the council on-time can result in large fines so being prepared is absolutely key. Not all buildings are required to submit this, so it is always advisable to check with your local council for further information.


However, for those requiring a yearly accredited examination to take place can organise it with Secure Fire Protection in an appropriate time leading up to your particular due date. We take pride in our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations and will only provide accredited specialists with the relevant qualifications to conduct the services you need.

Why Choose Us For Your Annual Fire Safety Inspection In Sydney?

We specialise in a wide range of services ranging from installing high quality protection systems to performing bi-annual or annual fire safety inspections and general maintenance. Our team utilises a wealth of experience to ensure ease-of-mind and aims to take the stress out of ensuring safety and compliance.


Secure Fire Protection is qualified to detect all faults using intuitive detective technology such as our smoke alarm compliance equipment as well as ensure all relevant systems are in optimal working condition. Our team of professionals are engaged in providing the most cost-effective maintenance service.


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