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Why Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers Is Extremely Important?

The first step towards protecting your premises and its occupants is to ensure buildings are fitted out with properly working fire extinguishers. However, that is only half the story. Regular servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers is also extremely important.

As fire extinguishers are your first line of defence, it is essential that you keep them in working order. As such, in this blog, we will be looking at the importance of fire extinguisher maintenance and what can be done year-round to ensure they remain as efficient and effective as possible.

The maintenance regime for the inspection and testing of fire extinguishers should be carried according to the Australian Standard AS 1851 guidelines:

When you purchase your fire extinguishers, they must first be commissioned. This means they must be assembled in the correct manner and have several checks performed on them to ensure they are effective from the day they are purchased.

Never remove the tags attached to the extinguisher, detailing important information such as the last service date.

Although not a part of AS1851, you should conduct a visual check on your fire extinguisher to ensure it is still functional and that there is no visibility of wear, tear, or damage.

In addition, to identify any leaks or corrosion fire extinguishers require a thorough inspection and maintenance once every five years. During this inspection fire extinguishers are fully discharged, a pressure test/hydrostatic test is performed, and the unit is recharged to ensure all components of the fire extinguisher are working correctly.

Always Seek the Services of Professionals

Proper testing and maintenance of your fire extinguishers does more than fulfilling Australian Standard AS 1851 requirement, it is the first line of defence if required for safety of people and your premises. At Secure Fire Protection, our fire safety experts are familiar with fire extinguisher maintenance and can help you to stay compliant with fire safety standards.

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