New Sprinkler Rules for Residential Buildings in Australia

Fire sprinkler systems are broadly considered to be as one of the most effective and reliable methods of controlling fire to safeguard residential, commercial and industrial properties. Sprinkler systems are capable of quickly combating fires as they readily detect smoke or fire.

These systems are very effective in any emergency situations. But you have to ensure that Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of the sprinkler system is done for the proper functioning of installed sprinkler systems. The purpose behind testing sprinkler systems is to be prepared for potential failures and the need to minimize the chances of equipment failure. Regular testing and maintaining of sprinkler systems often can increase the lifespan and efficacy of the systems alongside complying with the regulatory requirements.

Importance of Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire sprinkler systems are extensively considered as the most effective method of controlling fires caused by a wide range of hazards. It can automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control the fire.
  • Automatic fire sprinklers significantly reduce the number of fire-related fatalities, as well as the average property loss per fire.
  • Reduce the amount of toxic and harmful emissions produced as a result of combustion
  • Significantly improves the chances of survival by limiting the spread of flames and reduce fire damage

New Sprinkler Rules Set Out By the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB):

A proposal related to the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems was submitted to the ABCB by FRNSW, FPA Australia and AFAC, which came into effect on 1 May 2019.
According to Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) it is mandatory to install automatic fire sprinklers in all new residential apartment buildings above three storeys built in Australia.
The association (FRNSW, FPA Australia and AFAC) calls the new requirement the most important shift in fire safety regulations since the introduction of mandatory smoke alarms in homes and shared accommodation more than 10 years ago.

The catalyst for change was a 2012 Australian fire that killed a woman and seriously injured another. Subsequent research concluded that both would have likely survived the fire if the building had fire sprinklers.

The New Sprinkler Rule is truly a major milestone and will dramatically improve the safety of residents.

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